Crave​(​n) (single)

by Le Bas-fond



Trying something new, working on two projects at once. This project in particular is based on watching things I love just rotting before my eyes. It's like that Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind where Joel is running through his memories trying to save them, and they're deteriorating behind him. Mind didn't just deteriorate--they straight up rotted, and what was left behind was ugly and terrifying. They say that "Character is what you are in the dark," "what you do when no one else is looking."

This piece in particular relates to navigating a world where you live with emotional intensity ("borderline personality") disorder, wanting to connect with others, not being able to, having people in your life who are deliberately playing into the aspects of the disorder. Craving so badly for those exchanges of intimacy--simple as holding hands and engaging with other people, and no knowing if you can. Not knowing if the interactions you are having with other people mean even remotely as much to them as they do to you, so you mute your own abilities to connect for fear of being hurt or abandoned, only to have your worst fears come true anyway.


Hell, hell is empty
they let all the damned go free
in attempts to make things right
but forgot all about me

a breath of snow and ashes
I longed to be desired
but I don't know if I
could even feel it

the intimate exchange I crave
simplicity of the hand touch
to me, more than enough
so much more than enough

I know what's good for you
I know just what you need


Hell, hell is empty
they let all the damned go free
in attempts to make things right
and forgot all about me


released April 15, 2017
Co-produced by M. Pilotte & W. Curry
Mixed, mastered and engineered by M. Pilotte
Vocals and programming by M. Pilotte
Violins and Viola by W. Curry



all rights reserved


Le Bas-fond San Francisco, California

Professional illustrator, soprano, keyboardist, composer, cute animal enthusiast, synesthete. Like Snow White, only more maudlin. Reina Indígena. CREAG AN TUIRC.

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